• i phoned a burmese restaurant to make a reservation.
  • staff: "____" sar thauk hsain bar khamyar (this is restaurant "____" spaeking)
  • me: nihongo de ii desuka? (can i speak in japanese?)
  • staff: hai (yes)
  • me: seki no yoyaku o shitaindesuga (i'd love to make a reservation)
  • staff: hai
  • me: nijuu shichi nichi no yoru shichi ji kara, 6 nin kara 8 nin de. (from 7 pm on 27, saturday, there will be 6 or 8 people)
  • staff: nijuu...? (twenty...?)
  • me: hnahseh khuhna yek, lar me sanay nay, nya khuna naryi hmar chauk yauk kanay shik yauk lauk neh lar bot si zin htar bar del khamyar (we plan to come in a group of 6 or 8 people on 7 pm, on 27, coming saturday)
  • staff: aw, hote keh. (oh, yes). hnahseh khuhna yek, nya khuna naryi, chauk yauk thot mahote shik yauk naw (on 27, 7 pm, 6 or 8 people, right?)
  • me: hote keh bar
  • staff: nar me ta chek lauk pyaw pay hnain ma lar (can you tell me your name?)
  • me: japan nar me ga ___ lot kaw bar del (japanese name is ___ .)
  • staff: in ...? (well...?)
  • me: bamar nar me ga dawt waiyan oo bar khamyar (burmese name is waiyan oo.)
  • staff: aw, waiyan! hote keh, thi bi thi bi. (oh, waiyan! i see.) dar hso yin, kyanaw hmat htar laik mel naw (then i'll take a record of your reservation, okay?)
  • me: hote keh bar. kyay zuu tin bar del (okay, thanks)
  • *english translation and transcription are inaccurate as usual
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every time i make a phone call to burmese restaurants, i wonder why they answer the phone in burmese lol
no, seriously, they should add japanese answer to get more japanese customers, i think. some japanese might hang up the phone like “omg i can’t speak that language”

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better to be a traitor than to life and die for nothing

that’s what i’ve thought.. though, let me say i’m not a traitor, as here the constitution secures the freedom of thought, and the society begins to cetray the principle…

people tend to forget all those things not so important for them, or, inconvenient for them. i know. but if a nation starts to forget, delete, hide, or revise things just because the facts are inconvenient for them, what will happen? you’ll know the answer looking at japan. and i don’t wanna be a victim of the nation. i’m a “hikokumin” so i have my own right to get outta your game.

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read ants of various kinds’ ecology (i dunno why) but it made me realise how i loved all those ecology systems, and my question stronger - like, what if human extinct? then there will be far more richer ecology. i’d love to see it

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An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.
— Charles Bukowski  (via gebeine)
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i just read thru “the bacchae” and i grabbed the storyline (with help of footnotes) and enjoyed it, but as a person uncultured, i wonder how i should read and interpret it… still, i’m quite looking forward to that reading gathering

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i was at office for 12+ hours and am totally exhausted now


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